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Pod Dirty to Me

Sep 27, 2021

On this episode we discuss whether or not we married fold would give our digits to someone of the opposite sex if we hit it off, or thought they were into us. We also open our box of sex stuff sent to us from Promescent, have a hilarious word of the day, and learn if it feels good for a lady when we cum inside her...

Sep 20, 2021

On this episode, we talk to Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent about the many products they carry to help with sexual enhancement, arousal, and most of all sexual pleasure. Sprays, lubes, toys and more! You name it, they have them for ya. And Jeff shares more funny as shit stories stories about fucking than we can count!...

Sep 13, 2021

On this episode, Jason and El Guapo discuss taboo sex things such as analingus, pegging, public sex, and more. Guapo learns what a rusty trombone is, and Jason learns what poota means. We all learn something. Sharing is caring...or some shit like that.

Sep 6, 2021

On this episode, Jason and El Guapo discuss the many hot moms we see these days, aka Milfs. Plus, Guapo gives us a Semenax update, we talk about how much we love how ladies dress in summer, if we like tattoos on ladies, and where, and porn stars from our yesteryears that we love. Plus, we're pretty sure Guapo wants...